Head Over Heels In ‘Travel’ With You!

A Note To The Man I Marry And Get Lost In Places With 

There’s never going to be a time when I want to settle. If settling means bringing in the mundane, and getting in the rut of things, I do not want to be that woman.

I want to have experiences with you that blow our minds away. I want to go diving holding hands and witness the magnificence of the marine life. I want to kiss you a darn dozen and cry when I see the beauty around us.

I know we’re both wired differently but are rooted in our love for travel. I know that our differences make us who we are and our common interests create a harmony.


It isn’t about just seeing a place. I want to be with you because you show me a side of the world that perplexes me. Your interest in art, politics, humanity and history will most definitely make me go in awe of you. Which is why I want you. It is rare that you meet someone who knows the many chasms that the world exists in, in the past or now and helps you see through every facet of it. It is also rare that you come across someone whose ability to answer your weird questions almost always meets with logic, learning or humour.

I know you’ll laugh it off that I can’t eat pizzas with a knife and a fork. (How can anyone?) I know my chopstick-holding abilities are abysmal. Every time I try to wear stilettos, I will need you to be glued to me. I even know that every time I falter with losing my things, you will on the contrary sigh with ‘That’s great. You have a new story to tell.’ Well, yes. I trust your gut. And I’m amazed how you trust my ability to ‘keep telling stories’.


I know there’s a lot to embrace. Our deepest kisses will be in nature’s myriad personalities. In the bioluminescence of phytoplanktons under a starry night. On the top of a mountain with our faces shining through the sweat. And of course, when my deviated septum holds me back from taking in the air while going uphill. In the midst of a kayak safari when my hands tingle with the slight pain from rowing and I don’t know what better to do with them. In the fabled victory of a few thousand in a casino. On the beach under a perfectly skylight night sipping our whiskies. In the forest seeing a horde of elephants pass through to greet us. Life’s pretty much a beautiful jigsaw and we’ll fit perfectly with our imperfections.

Talking about imperfections, our cumulative imagination will roar more than most lions. Our pre-wedding pictures will not really see us being joined at the hip or be cutesy-cute. I doubt. Really. Instead we’ll be hand-standing on a beach kissing or kite-boarding and bringing in the moment.

Here’s to the love of travel with the one you love!