The Goan secret I didn’t want to reveal

What I saw enticed me. I lied down on the benches just soaking in the view. Clear blue waters of the infinity pool combined with the green expanse of the hills. A good beer by the side and life didn’t seem more luxurious.

Beery Good!

Goa with its beaches is redundant. What I wanted were the hills.


Aranya is a yoga retreat in Arpora with 4 villas. Modern, minimalist architecture with clean lines. A place few know about. Lush trees sway in harmony with the winds as the cuckoo sings.

I didn’t really want to write about Aranya. I wanted it to be my little secret, far from people’s acquaintance. But the beauty of it somehow compelled me to share it.

The story goes that the villas are rented out entirely. I being the solo traveller requested to let me experience the place in all its beauty with a single room. The staff obliged and here I was soaking in the best Goan views.

Aranya by itself has a kitchen and lets you cook if you may. You could even ask the cooks to make you a delicious meal. However these need to be pre-informed. Situated on a hill, it has no shops beside it to buy snacks. One can rent the scooters and go downhill, nearly a 1.5 km to reach the nearest supermarkets.

The set of villas
The set of villas

There’s also Siolim House and Little Siolim, owned by the same management.  Siolim House is an old Portuguese villa with a colonial charm.



Little Siolim has a small pool adorned by Buddha statues. Certainly picturesque!

Good vibes at Little Siolim
Good vibes at Little Siolim

Add a wonderful conversation and just the luxury to spend time at leisure. Life feels good!