Journey to the soul – Feeling alive with a yoga holiday


Consider holidaying at a gentler pace whilst indulging in yoga, nutritious soul food and open-air dinners.

An eco-boutique retreat, Devarya lets you regale in the glory of all the above, yet takes you into a journey to find your inner self. The finest in yoga and wellness, Devarya wellness retreat is a haven of tranquil tucked in Morjim, North Goa’s most peaceful sanctuary.

Too often we’re bombarded with the notion that yoga has to be austere. Devarya helps bust this myth and how. As soon as you step inside, you’re engulfed in a canopy of luscious green. The OSHO meditation centre greets you with the aroma of lemon grass and calmness reminiscent of oneness with the soul.

IMG_20200222_180940Who would have thought a yoga holiday in India, my own country could prove to have such an intensely magical influence on me?

True magic for me was finding the rhythm with my body and mind at 8 in the morning whilst being taught Hathayoga and Vinyasa by Emelie, a teacher from Sweden. Agile with her movements and tone, it was one of the finest classes in yoga that I’ve taken. A 90 minute session later, I could feel myself pulsating with vigour whilst every muscle in my body reminded me that it exists.

Devarya houses 5 yogashalas named after the 5 elements of Ayurveda- Agni, Vayu, Prithvi, Jal and Akash. Whether you’re a yoga teacher looking to have your students take an exchange program, a yoga teacher wanting to teach Yoga, a couple looking to detox from the hustle and bustle of the rat race or simply a solo traveller who is curious to experience something totally different from the mundane, Devarya has it all.

IMG_20200223_100205To suffice to their needs, the yoga and wellness retreat has various types of accomodation, spread across 7000 sq metre. While the villa cajoles you into royalty with its grandeur and super large bath tub, the Chakra cottages are built in toned colours using marble and clay, thereby embodying ‘Susegad’, Goa’s famed laidback and relaxed attitude. And two wonderful pools to go with them.

Each element at Devarya is a work of art. Look around and you’ll see doors speaking a story about Indian heritage, the Buddha statue inviting you to the ‘Zen’ life, the mosaic on the swimming pool floor and the paintings in the room. Each aspect is thoughtfully crafted.


And while this wasn’t enough, you’ve got the splendid Chia Lounge – Vegan Food In Goa that offers the most sumptuous cuisine using organic ingredients cooked with warmth. One thing I can guarantee is that Devarya offers front row seats to nature’s finest. Grab your bowl of food or your preferred smoothie and simply watch the sun go down. I promise you, there’s never been a better sundowner.IMG_20200222_180615

Luxury Yoga Retreat India – Devarya embodies these words like no other wellness retreat in India.


How to reach:

Take the airport cab to Morjim. Or book a cab from Madgaon station to Morjim. While the former should take between 1: 45 – 2 hours, the latter (Madgaon is down south) and about 65 kms and should take between 2-2.5 hours.

Cabs can be booked on the Goa Miles app, the state government owned app that lets you book cabs. Note that the app works from major popular areas only. So if you’re at a secluded relatively less touristy spot, the app is of no help. In this scenario you can opt for a pre-hired cab or a self-driven car on zoomcar.